Illuminate your place in style with Stretch Ceilings.

Conterior in collaboration with Nakshatra, present you Stretch Ceiling in Delhi NCR. This premium quality product is a new entry into architectural world that is taking this world by the storm. Along with setting new trends, this option is all about giving your architectural structure a new look. It is made up of an acoustic fibre panel that is eco-friendly in nature. Available in a wide variety of colours and texture, this ceiling type is meant for every kind of commercial and residential place. According to the requirement and the theme of your place and your personality, we recommend you multiple options. So, take the final call, and the rest would be taken care by our team of experts.

The most annoying thing about the ceilings is cracks; these small to big cracks are enough for spoiling the interior of your place. Therefore, considering this big concern, we suggest you PVC Stretch Ceiling, that is crack proof. The other problem with ceilings is uneven- levelling, this error is the one that can be easily noticed by anyone. Therefore, use this option to fix this problem, as it comes with even levelling.

We understand you do not want to take any chance with the quality, when it is about the place, you and your dear ones share as a shelter. Therefore, we ensure you the product with all required certificates. Another big concern is fire safety, so it is a Class-A fire resistant, that ensure you the highest possible safety against fire. Along with all these certificates and quality assurances, stretch fabric ceiling Gurgaon is also paintable and printable to fit in your idea and creativity.

Size, Single Panel Cover- 16*160

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Customize Stretch Ceiling
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