What’s this about?

Conterior is an interior & exterior design product supplier for architects and interior designers as it provides innovative and trendy products. We approach every project with an architectural point of view and finish them with technical, analytical and functional expertise. At Conterior, we offer innovative blinds, interior wallpapers, wooden flooring, artificial grass, exteriors, carpet and other hardware’s for personal and professional space under different brand names and for many private label accounts. We offer the convenient shop-at-home service for home décor accessories and window treatments. Conterior is known for creating dynamic spaces that can boost the personal and professional relation with clients and staff.

Our Featured Products

waterproof blinds for balcony

Balcony Blinds

If you want to get the maximum privacy for your home, then our Balcony blinds are your perfect choice. These screens are highly efficient in keeping your home cool and protects your interiors from dust and rain.

Vertical Garden

If you love green plants, gardens and flowers, but do not have time to maintain the natural ones. Then you need not to worry, as Vertical Planter is the new alternate, that will fulfil your cravings for greener surroundings.

Stretch Ceilings

Now let the technology beautify your place, this new type of ceiling is all about covering your place in modern and yet classy look. Therefore, illuminate your place in style that represent your rich taste.

Artificial Plants

Here you would find the natural looking, fake house plants in Delhi NCR. The beauty of these plants is the originality, that also depends largely on the material used. The good material may cost you some bucks extra, but also ensure you the durability.

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