What’s this about?

Conterior is an interior & exterior design product supplier for architects and interior designers as it provides innovative and trendy products. We approach every project with an architectural point of view and finish them with technical, analytical and functional expertise. At Conterior, we offer innovative blinds, interior wallpapers, wooden flooring, artificial grass, exteriors, carpet and other hardware’s for personal and professional space under different brand names and for many private label accounts. We offer the convenient shop-at-home service for home décor accessories and window treatments. Conterior is known for creating dynamic spaces that can boost the personal and professional relation with clients and staff.

Our Featured Products



Wood flooring are durable and timeless and provide the breathe life to professional and personal space. We provide the exquisite service and excellent craftsmanship with sheer elegance.



Every wall needs a little extra wall décor, and here we are for that as it is perfect time to step into the modern era with modern wallpaper styles.



Exterior look is the vital part of any building and with our services we help to prevent serious damage to both the interior and the exterior of a building.

Carpet Tiles


Carpet provides you style on which you can count on for years, artwork on floor can pull visual cues from the carpet you choose as your home’s design is representation of creativity.